And a whole bunch of other things like coffee and chocolate and trying to combat her chocolate intake by eating a lot of salad - But those things aren't quite as inspiring.

Having moved to New York from Australia at the age of 18., Jane didn't quite realize (edit: she had absolutely no idea) what it would be like to discover, experience and try to understand adulthood without family or long-time friends nearby. What did she learn? That it sucked. At times, it sucked REAL bad.​

However, she also learned to look outside of herself and notice that other people were going through tough things too. Sometimes completely different things, but often just as tough. ​

Jane also noticed that people have a tendency (like, 100% of the time) to keep these experiences to themselves and to go through life's challenges without open conversation- making them that much harder to overcome. 

Eventually figuring out that the single, major goal in one's life should simply be achieving feelings of happiness as often as possible, Jane realized the answer - mental comfort.

The formula? A good support system and having a life full of things, big or small, in which one can find joy.
Friends, food, wine, stories, lessons, discoveries, laughter, gifts...

Enter, The Camaraderie NYC
A place where every woman is welcomed and spoiled.
Fun is had, friendships are created and life is made a little bit more fabulous.